The Legal Profession

  • The legal profession within South Africa is robust. The practising legal profession is divided into two branches, namely attorneys and advocates
  • The attorney is the person with whom you first make contact when seeking legal advice or if you are faced with a legal problem. Therefore, an attorney needs to be readily available to everyone and the service he or she supplies needs to be broad enough to cover a wide field of legal issues
  • Advocates on the other hand specialise in specific areas of law and especially the presentation of matters in court. Clients are only able to obtain the services of an advocate through an attorney
  • Van Zyl Hertenberger Inc. operates in the attorney’s profession
  • Both Renate and Niki hold a certificate of right of appearance before the High Court
  • Conveyancers are Attorneys who hold an additional admission which allows them to prepare documents for lodgement in the Deeds Office and are specialists in the field of property law, attending to property transfers, bond registrations and various other services relating to immovable property
  • Notaries also hold an additional admission and are authorised to certify and attest to various documents, such as Antenuptial Contracts and to certify documents for international use